Diploma in 3D Animator

Duration Of Course (6 Months Course)

Courses Highlights

Immerse your fingers into animations in Maya. But before that, learn the much needed 2d skill sets expected from an animator. The course prepares you with the basics and eventually delves into all 3d tools and techniques available. So while animating, you understand how the character should react – the physical possibilities, emotional aspects as well as how to make the whole animation appealing. The course has enough practice lesion and exercises that instill confidence in students to face everyday challenges as animator while in production.

Course Content

  • Understand Human / Quadraped Anatomy
  • Figure drawing and realizing poses for animation
  • Key concepts of acting and drama
  • Cinematography concepts in animation
  • Explore basic of 3D Animation enviornment – Maya
  • Basic concepts of Rigging
  • Creating poses, expressions and gestures
  • Explore principles of animation
  • Shot staging and Blocking
  • Dialogue synching and facial expressions
  • Smoothen and retime animations through graph editor
  • Explore Trax Editor
  • One, two and multi character dialogue

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